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SABnzbd 3.7.0 changelog

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SABnzbd 3.7.0 har følgende endringer:

Changes since 3.6.1

  • The queue and history can be filtered using keywords:
    cat and priority. For example: show name cat:tv.
  • Use shortcut shift + arrow-key to navigate the queue/history pages.
  • The backup is now created in a local folder for security.
  • Recurring backups can be configured using the scheduler.
  • Improvements to Deobfuscate Final Filenames.
  • RSS overview shows the rule that accepted the job.
  • Added option to sort the queue by % downloaded.
  • Added option to replace underscores with dots in folder names.
  • SABnzbd Host input will be validated before being applied.
  • Moved system load information from the main page to the Status window.
  • Console logging is now written to stdout instead of stderr.
  • Removed Special settings enable_meta, disable_key,
    replace_illegal, osx_speed and show_sysload.
  • Merged Special settings win_menu and osx_menu into tray_icon.
  • macOS/Windows: Use Python 3.11, slightly boosting overall performance.
  • macOS/Windows: Updated UnRar to 6.12.
  • Windows: Updated MultiPar to

API changes since 3.6.1

  • Minor improvements in API performance.
  • Removed fields scripts and categories from queue API call.
  • Moved loadavg from queue to status API call.

Bugfixes since 3.6.1

  • Free Space Detection was too strict when using Direct Unpack.
  • File uploads with special characters would be parsed incorrectly.
  • Passwords from NZB meta-data were tried multiple times.
  • Passwords were not always supplied to the pre-queue script.
  • RSS-feed names were not sanitized when renamed.
  • Make sure short-dates are detected as YY-MM-DD in Sorting.
  • Show the custom job name in History when the NZB could not be fetched.

Upgrade notices

  • The download statistics file totals10.sab is updated in 3.2.x
    version. If you downgrade to 3.1.x or lower, detailed download
    statistics will be lost.